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Refund Policy and Payment Agreement


We (CareersHelp.Net) have the proper to refund your payment (100%) if we have a tendency to practiced issues like: lost of file, corrupt file, etc)

If the content of the work you ordered doesn't match the table of contents on our websites, you'll request for refund among three days from the acquisition date, we are going to totally refund the value excluding your bank transfer/transaction charges. Term and Conditions are applied.

It is your (customer) duty to verify that your topic is on this web site before payment.
DO NOT PAY IF YOUR TOPIC isn't ON THIS web site (CareersHelp.Net)

No refund of cash if you erroneously got a subject that's NOT on this web site. during this case, the management (of CareersHelp.Net) has the proper to stay your cash till you send a subject that's on this web site or we have a tendency to send any connected topic when 48hours.

It is your duty to verify our service fee before payment. No refund of EXCESS payment.



You must READ and ACCEPT the below four (4)terms before you purchase any material from this website.

I have gone through this website and confirmed that my project topic is on this website, that is why I am asking for bank account details.

I have accepted that there is no refund of money if I mistakenly paid for a topic that is NOT from this website. In this case, the management has the right to keep my money until i send a topic that is from this website.

I have accepted that the project materials on this website are for research purposes only and I WILL NOT COPY WORD FOR WORD.

I have accepted to use the material as a guideline only. In this case, it is my own duty as a student to make them suit my own school need.

That you requested for any of our services shows you have accepted the above agreement

This agreement was created on: July 2, 2013

Our aim is to leave you better than we found you (OUR GOD IS INVOLVED FAMILY)